Dog Walking Service

Walking Service Start from 30$ per 45 minute walk. Each dog has a booklet called “Been There, Done That” which is completed after every walk.  It covers collection and drop of times and allows you to see where your fur baby has been.  We note down everything of significance on the walk from stool conditions to fun they had and of course anything problems noted.  This, along with social media photos allows you to still be part of the walk.

Group Walks

 Door to door collection and drop off service.  Your dog is matched with others to keep the energy levels right for the group. Dogs must have a good recall and must be dog friendly and of course fully vaccinated.   We try not to stick to the same walking areas to give your dog new and varied experiences where and when we can.  Walks start at 30$ for local to Highland Park.
Personal Walks

 For when your dog does not like to mingle or just needs one on one attention.   We can arrange a door to door collection and drop off service.  We focus on allowing your dog to enjoy all the things dogs love to do, sniffing, investigating and exploring.   If your dog cannot be leash free, we find things for your dog within the surrounding environment to entertain your dog and give them an urban adventure.  Walks start from $40 local to highland park. A good thing to remember for exercising and tiring out your dog, is that like us, the more we exercise the more energy we gain.  And again like us when we use our brains, dogs find this very tiring.  This is a very important part of life for a dog as it is with us.   Sniffing for a dog is like reading for a human, gaining information and stories from around the area, breaking down codes and learning about the world. Do not underestimate what sniffing and taking time to view the world does for your dog.

Group Walks 30$
Personal Walks 45$

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